Ghada Abdel-Tawab Al-Yamani

Dean of the Institute

The Alexandria Higher Institute for Media is one of the most important educational entities that is keen to provide an educational educational service to its students stemming from everyone’s belief in the role assigned to it and the message it owes to make the education system for students – whether inside the classrooms or training settings, clean, melting and integrated.

Each educational institution has a vision, goal, and mission – and the vision of the institute emerges to obtain the best results only through the continued intensification of all the efforts of the faculty members of the institute, members of the supporting staff, and members with full energies and educational bodies necessary to obtain the necessary funding for educational associations..

The educational and educational mission of the Institute and its objectives is to raise a high level of standards to keep up with international standards to structure the systems, resources and ethics of the educational and scientific process and to gain the confidence of graduates in increasing information and performance and starting from the beginning.

The Institute’s laboratories, laboratories, laboratories, halls, education and training centers, amphitheaters, teaching halls, learning amphitheaters, seminars, and research and educational presentations are at a high level of quality to accommodate the needs of students and their professional needs – all these resources, facilities and professional services are harnessed to serve the educational process.

Our students – future media figures..on your arms will build the renaissance of the nation and its print, audio and visual media. I wish all of you success and payment, and I aspire in you more and more diligence and perseverance to reach the dream. To educate minds and refine morals, which is the basic building block for the scientific, academic and ethical formation, and Mukhtarani Al-Kharafi for its graduates.

Prof. Dr./ Ghada Abdel-Tawab Al-Yamani

Other Members