Mr. Mohammed Al-Abesi

Deputy Chairman of the Board

My students, I greet you and welcome you with the beginning of the new academic year in your institute “Alexandria Higher Institute of Media”

Wishing you a successful study, God willing

I also welcome and congratulate the Dean of the Institute, faculty members and their assistants, administrators and workers at the beginning of a new academic year full of vitality, activity and hard work for a good educational service and an outstanding preparation for graduating a media cadre capable of active participation in society and the market Work by taking advantage of the Institute’s available capabilities, which depend on the practical side through the radio studio, television studio, press lab, computer lab, and the Institute. The institute has achieved successes in previous years thanks to these talents and energies and obtaining the first prizes in international and local competitions at the level of the Republic

We, the board of directors of the Alexandria Higher Institute for Media, recommend our graduates, future media professionals, to abide by the media code of honor and to educate the people to preserve the Egyptian identity, so that the Egyptian nation may live among nations, and let it be your motto: “Long live Egypt… Long live Egypt… Long live Egypt.”

Other Members