PhD. Fawzi Abdel Ghani

Dean of the Institute

Our Higher Institute of Media in Alexandria is working hard to educate our students objectively, away from misleading, falsifying facts and not spreading false news.

We are interested in presenting the new media that grants a bachelor’s degree, which includes three basic programs, including the public relations and advertising program, the radio and television program, in addition to the paper and digital press program, through a new new list that helped attract students to the institute with a large percentage of those wishing to study media, more than all Other programs and departments that teach media in Alexandria, and it is the first institute to teach by the credit-hour system and the first to use the tablet system in exams last year…. We succeeded in outperforming all media students in Alexandria…

Greetings to the Board of Directors of the Institute, which provides all the support and capabilities, salute to the battalion of distinguished professors who teach media… It is worth mentioning that we are now working on scientific cooperation with Finnish education to grant a double degree…

Greetings to His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education, the Institutes Affairs Committee and the senior professors of the media sector… With best wishes

Dean of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Fawzy Abdel Ghani

Other Members

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